“Rain” by Daniel Meehan

we waste the whole night
hiding in the Irish pub
on the corner of
nowhere and who-really-cares
as the thin skies open dark

falling to gravel
under dark midsummer sky
small drops, rainwater
break up below the blooming
manitoba maple boughs

hot cigarette ash
in the late-night alleyways
under neon moon
bright blue light behind the bar
shining across the wet road

hours pass in the night
rain pools at our smoking feet
afternoon foreclosed
midnight streaming away fast
no customers, the bar’s closed

and the next morning
a rainy hungover day
the window open
i roll over and forget
the lazy rain of last night

Bio: Daniel Meehan was born in Toronto, Ontario and raised in Milton, Ontario. He began studying creative writing and publishing at Sheridan College in 2018. He has been writing poems since he was a teenager and has recently had work published in Acta Victoriana, Savant-Garde, and Soliloquies Anthology.


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