“Bus Poems” by Ann Wycoff


The bus never stands
still for each moment rolling
past is a new thing.


She has an iron will.
You wonder if life beat her
with a rod of steel.


“No food on the bus.”
So that smart ass ate a bug.
“Don’t puke on the bus!”


Your first time backing
The big bus is a certain
cure for arrogance.

Previously published in Organic Ink 2 (Dragonsoul Press, 2019)



  1. Ann says:

    Reblogged this on Ann's Immaterium and commented:
    Thank you very much to Atlantean Publishing for reprinting/publishing several of my “Bus Poems,” which I wrote back when I worked as a paratransit driver.


  2. Ann says:

    Thank you very much! Enjoy your journal. 🙂


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