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  1. Ival says:

    The neighbor’s loud dog
    Is the guard of yon domain
    Passing? Tread softly.

    Ed, we constantly apologized for our springer, she had a deep chest with fearsome bark for walkers with dogs, all motorcycles and everything on two wheels: skate boards, roller blades, bicycles too.

    This morning our springer, Cole, barked once as she sat by the front door. She cannot stand unless one of us pulls her up by her “special” Orvis sling around her hips. Okay, on four feet after I pulled her up – up, up & away – hopping lightly, racing at arthritic speed, she buzzed out, barks strewn into the cosmos all along the way until she reached her invisible fence.

    The walker, in this early morning scenario, glanced over in Cole’s direction, acknowledging the guard-like presence she presented. She barked him all the way up our hill, until at last he disappeared from sight.
    Cessation of barks ensued and still she remained shakily on her furry feet.

    We both were thrilled this morning. It may well be the last time she rallies to guard her home. Her vet has acknowledged the affects of a sudden Adrenalin rush ! She’s 14 no less, sometimes a bark is the very best sound heard !

    We apologize for all early noise today !!!!


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