Winter of the World

death a memory
bodily rejuvenate
living forever

in a dying world
retreat into VR realm
anything you want

polluted cinder
myriad of stars in sky
new worlds to settle

mankind seeks new home
millennia-long journey
start over again

winter of the world
a silent finality
guttering sun dies

By DJ Tyrer


My Sky Is Quiet

my sky is quiet
and the sun keeps to herself
a wind hugs my breath

and what the clouds saw
one happy woman smiling
in their protection

I wish to walk in
your footsteps like the shadow
following a child

with you I would go
inside a stone to find your
sharp lucidity

fall afternoon light
shaky and sparse but with you
tell me I am loved

memories awake
crowding out autumn darkness
I’ll get used to joy

tender comes the night
in your arms, tender your lips
seeking my kisses

By Ute Margaret Saine

A Handful of Haiku

the wind’s wings closing
over my heart stir me like
music from your heart

passing with delight
into this obscurity
each other’s embrace

a water caress
it presses and sucks on me
just like a lover

an afternoon swoon
you inhabit my body
seagulls cry for us

joyous animal
I when you discover my
formerly blind fold

nights of a woman
let the corpse lie in its best
state of splendid bliss

By Ute Margaret Saine

Christmas Cookies

“Masks again this year.”
Santa complained to the elves.
“No snacks at their house.”

Mrs. Claus came in.
“Here are insulated bags,
filled with warm cookies.”

“There’s enough for all.
Take thermoses with cocoa.
Start packing that sleigh.”

“Harness the reindeer.
Get dressed in your best red suit.
It’s now Christmas Eve!”

By K. A. Williams